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Anniversary Campaign for KODAP

Anniversaries are utilized very often in marketing. Honestly, who is really interested that somebody is celebrating their X-th birthday? And would you accept such a notification from a potential client – especially when it comes to tax consultancy? Definitely, as long as we don’t just run with this notification alone and add something extra.

To Make a Birthday Campaign Non-cliché

“To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we would like to thank our clients for their trust and let the potential ones know that we’re here… and we’re good,” – that was the task specification from the tax company from Liberec. “A campaign definitely shouldn’t be boring, but it must be representative.” That’s a challenge for every marketer, especially in fields such as accounting, taxes or law, since just about everything was already used at some point.

What could we do?

Fortunately, our client was quite open to more courageous takes. From a plucked chicken, we progressed to horses and our final slogan “We hold your taxes on a leash.” The toughest nut to crack was the graphics. We didn’t want anything gregarious; we just wanted something to spice the text up. See for yourself how we handled it.

The campaign targeted at the Liberec region was a resounding success. Especially the “saddled pink papers”, which appeared on the visual saying “we’ve been holding your taxes on a leash… for 25 years now!”. The billboards were complemented by a radio spot campaign that was impossible to miss thanks to the horse’s neigh in the stream of other commercials.

Right Timing

What other time to promote a tax company than during the tax season? Therefore, the spring months were a clear choice.

About the project:

  • Client:Kodap, s. r. o.
  • Implementation:spring 2019
  • Services:billboard, radio commercials, spot, copywriting
  • Field:finance and tax services