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We have been cooperating with Drylock since 2017, which was the year the “war for employees” started raging in the northern Bohemia. Everybody was bumping salaries up, throwing around benefits and 13th/14th salaries. There were a lot of jobs and not enough manpower. But as they say: all that glitters is not gold. In order to separate ourselves from the competition, we put our money on humanism and compassion. The campaign was successful and Drylock became one of our favourites.

We need to recruit 300 new people!

Drylock Technologies’ head of HR Ondřej Kout contacted us in the summer of 2017. The initial situation was as follows: Manpower shortage was plaguing the entire country, the Liberec region was ruled by the automotive industry with truly above-average salaries and hardly anybody knew about the Belgian diaper manufacturer in Hrádek nad Nisou. Moreover, people from Liberec had plenty of job options within the city so they didn’t really find it cost-efficient to travel anywhere further. Our task was to create a campaign that would attract 300 new employees.

We accepted the challenge and prepared a comprehensive communication campaign. Its first wave was focused on building awareness of the company – the goal was to let the public know that there is a modern factory in Hrádek that makes children’s diapers for the entire world – diapers that we all buy, be it in Kaufland, Lidl or Penny Market. Starting in autumn 2017, the second wave was then focused on the employee recruitment itself and of course on internal communication, reinforcing relations with the existing ones.

Betting on Humanism

We were planning the campaign on the basis that two things are important for employees: money and “feeling good” about the job and the collective. As long as we’re offering a comparable salary and benefits, “compassion” and emotions will probably be the deciding factors. And that’s precisely what we ended up betting on – visuals at specific municipalities were showing Drylock employees living in the town in question and known by the locals; in addition to “traditional” communication channels, we also focused on an intense contact campaign directly within individual municipalities.

From Outdoor through Social Media to Company Magazines

We combined outdoor, printed and online advertisement and radio, started issuing a company magazine, and started Facebook and Instagram pages, which worked out amazingly even in the internal communications. We initiated collaboration with groups or sports clubs in the individual municipalities, local civil offices and the entire region, organizing public events such as skating, projections etc. We also engaged the well-known draftsman Petr Urban, with whom we collaborated on a range of promotional materials.

Compassion and Corporate Culture

At the end of March 2018, we invited media to the factory to show off a bit. From the beginning of the next year, over a thousand job applications landed in the inbox of the company’s head of HR. In April 2018, Drylock reports that the task has been completed – the 300 spots for the new hall, which was scheduled for operation from summer onward, have been occupied. However, our work here continued. It was necessary to divert our energy to the internal communication and stabilization of our new working collective. The new goal was to maintain the positive perception of Drylock as a key employer and the region’s partner and work on perfecting the company’s culture. We want every employee to be proud of working in this facility.

CSR Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Artificial

Corporate social responsibility makes sense as long as it isn’t artificial. A genuine and non-forced nature are key to success in such a campaign and its acceptance by the public. By the same token, you don’t have to fear “missteps” that turn good into bad. That’s why we selected the area natural for Drylock – children and the region. Thanks to that, we’ve been presenting the first baby born in Liberec in a year with a material gift for two years now, participating in welcoming our little citizens, supporting babybox babies, working on the Inkognito educational exhibition or collaborating with cities and municipalities to offer them a helping hand in their activities. Maintaining good relationships within the region is extremely important for public perception of a client. Saying nice things about yourself is fine, but having others say nice things about you is priceless.

About the project:

  • Client:Drylock Technologies
  • Implementation:since 2017
  • Services:recruitment campaign, company magazine, social networks, public relation, CSR, HR marketing, internal communication
  • Project Type:hygienic industry