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Liglass by Jan Saudek

There are quite a few manufacturers of hand-made glass jewellery in the Czech Republic. So how to stand out from the crowd, draw customers’ attention and give your product the exceptionalness and luxuriousness to attract both end customers and new vendors, including the premium ones, such as the prestigious Corial chain? Moreover, with a very limited budget? It was March; we were supposed to corner the pre-Christmas market.

Stories Sell

Since Liglass didn’t have a strong story, we had to create one. We decided to connect Liglass with a celebrity. We wanted a celebrity that is attractive and controversial enough to attract both media and customers. A credible personality with a strong relationship to art – preferably someone who can design their own collection. However, we wanted to steer off the standard “actress/model/singer” path. We wanted a man! And we chose Jan Saudek!

Why Jan Saudek?

  • He understands women and has strong charisma
  • He is extravagant and creative.
  • His face is recognized by everyone at first sight – he is a brand in and of himself.
  • He will actually design the jewellery, rather than being just a face.
  • The design will be a good complement to the portfolio of his current activities.
  • In addition to our potential customers, we can also target the collectors of Saudek’s works.
  • Liglass products will become true works of art.

What about the client?

The client was a bit intimidated. Their concerns were that Saudek is too controversial and would cost too much. Additionally, they were not sure that the master photographer would actually design attractive jewellery that women will like. Would they actually identify with them? Or would it boil down to just several unsellable gallery pieces? However, we were certain about it. And the client has put their trust into us.

Working with a Celebrity and How it All went Down?

Jan Saudek was excited about the opportunity to design jewellery. In April, he set off to visit the Liglass workshop in order to try the glass bead winding process for himself and get familiar with the existing collections. Even upon arrival, he was already oozing ideas and started drawing his first sketches. On 14 June at a press conference directly in the factory, we disclosed that Jan Saudek was designing jewellery for Liglass. From the next day, it was all over the news. Concurrently, not only jewellery designs were created but also visual campaigns, special Liglass by Jan Saudek collection jewel cases and of course the business team started working. With the first jewellery designs finished at the end of the holidays, we arranged a ceremonial presentation of the Liglass by Jan Saudek exclusive collection. We invited both media and business partners, as well as current and potential retailers. Photos of beautiful women wearing masterful jewellery took the media by storm. Article after article, coverage all over the internet and TV.

A Christmas Hit, Significantly Higher Mark-ups, New Retailers

It’s not an overstatement to say that Jan Saudek’s jewellery became a Christmas hit. People weren’t just selling “some Liglass thing” that nobody really knew. Those were true works of art. Thanks to that, Liglass could afford to sell jewellery at progressively higher prices and with increasing markups. This consequently increased the sales of the other collections of the brand, which was no longer unknown. Sales sky-rocketed and new interested retailers turned up, including Corial.

About the project:

  • Client: Liglass, a. s.
  • Implementation:2012
  • Services:special project, celebrity collaboration, media promotion, press conferences, event, merchandising, POS materials
  • Field:jewellery-making