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Marketing for the LTL Mandarin School

Even in the globalized world, localized marketing tailored to a specific environment is the best kind of marketing – this is well understood by the owner of the LTL Mandarin School, Austrian Andreas Lamboeck. It applies as long as the marketer knows the client really well and understands their philosophy and product. That is why our colleague Lenka Vrátná worked on this order directly in the Head Office of the LTL Mandarin School in Beijing over the course of four months.

The basis of any company presentation is of course the website  So that’s where we started. We created a website especially for Czech customers, not a simple language mutation. Thanks to Lenka Vrátná being in daily contact with students and teachers, she had a first-hand experience with accommodation at a host family and of course everyday life in Beijing, including travelling by crammed subway trains and paying exclusively with her phone. This allowed us to create authentic texts, presenting the LTL as it really is from the students’ point of view.

Not just for Chinese Language Students

Hints and tips on how to learn English are ubiquitous. However, it’s not as simple with Chinese. That’s because very few foreigners are proficient in this difficult language. Sure you can find some materials or blogs, but they are mostly in English. That’s exactly what we decided to change, which is why we created the blog on the website. Here, people interested in learning Chinese can learn about the best learning applications, favourite Chinese tattoos of various celebrities or some hacks on how to remember characters that look similar but have very different meanings. The target audience with which we work, i.e. those who study or would like to study Chinese and even have the money and dedication to pursue it to China, is not exactly numerous in the Czech Republic. However, it is fairly easy to specify and address. Thanks to a good website and blog, along with targeted work with keywords, the LTL often pops up in the first place in a Google search!

Controversial China as a PR Opportunity

It goes without saying that few countries raise as many emotions as China. We tried to make use of that. We also tried to utilize the fact that a specific person’s story is far more interesting than a product. In this case, the story belongs to our colleague Lenka Vrátná. We offered her experience of living in Beijing to journalists. Each media outlet picked what they found interesting in her story. However, the biggest impact was definitely the DVTV interview by Martin Veselovský.

The traffic on the school’s website sky-rocketed even though the name LTL Mandarin School was only uttered once during the interview. The name was the key word (literally) in this search – because that’s how stories work. Naturally, the interview was immediately being shared across many social networks – especially among groups of Chinese language students, sinologists and Czechs living in China. The first study applications were soon to follow.

About the project:

  • Client:LTL Mandarin School
  • Implementation:2018–2019
  • Services:web, copywriting, media promotion, public relations
  • Field:education, tourism