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Modernization of FAB

It might seem completely redundant to promote a brand that everyone in the Czech Republic knows. Well, that’s not the case! While FAB has been around for over a century and even became synonymous with a tumbler lock, no brand can exist just off of its history. At the time we were taking charge of the communication, the originally Czech brand belonged to the Swedish group ASSA ABLOY.

The client’s specification was clear: to support sales in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, while shifting the perception of FAB from the traditional products to new, innovative ones that set the direction among modern safety systems. Naturally, we were looking to highlight the fact that the plant in Rychnov nad Kněžnou became the ASSA ABLOY development facility for all of Europe.

Security First

The theme of security, which is closely related to locks and keys, is naturally very effective in media. That is why it formed the basis of the communication. We would give people hints on how to secure their home before leaving for a vacation, when is the right time to entrust their children with keys, how to choose a reliable locksmith etc. We used police statistics as well as our own research. Everything came with the “signature” of FAB and its experts. Wherever the brand couldn’t be mentioned directly (e.g. in certain TV or radio shows), we would use an “independent” sock-puppet platform created for this purpose – the (“Don’t get burgled!”) server, to which we would refer and which was under FAB.

In addition to the thematic PR, we also engaged in product PR and launch campaigns. We managed to get into media (by editorial means, as opposed to paid advertisement), promoting both traditional FAB products, such as cylindrical locks, tumblers and plates, and technological innovations just arriving to the market. We didn’t restrict ourselves just to magazines and servers about living, we were also targeting women’s and men’s lifestyle, news, social, teenagers’, tech and mothers’ magazines. Product hints and all other background materials were tailored directly to the target audience. We were successful at pushing lots of barter contests for selected products or their testing directly at the editors’ offices.

Press Trip and Press Releases

In order to get the journalists familiar first-hand with FAB products, their development and production, we organized traditional press conferences and meetings at trade fairs in Prague, as well as a press trip directly to the FAB factory in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. The journalists were blown away by the factory. This resulted in dozens of articles printed both in media and on the internet, including a large video on and a page-wide article in Hospodářské noviny. The production facility in Rychnov drew the attention of press and internet journals, as well as Czech Television, which ended up shooting a number of illustrative shots to use in its shows for a long time.

foto: (c) Jiří Částka,

The Authentic Face of an Expert

FAB was the place where we affirmed how much potential a credible face can have for a brand. And that the face doesn’t have to belong to a media-trotting “star” at all. On the contrary. Jan Hrnčíř, who joined us as an expert, was a great product specialist and commercial agent. He knew absolutely everything about security, locks and technological gadgets. And above all, he was very good at explaining all of it to a layperson. Practically, intelligibly. We began to list him and quote him in all of our media materials and eventually suggested him for TV and radio shows. It was a success. Jan Hrnčíř became a real face of FAB – a specialist repeatedly invited to give safety advice on TV Nova, Czech Television, Czech Radio… People even started recognizing him and talking to him on the street. And orders just kept piling up.


We had FAB under our wings for four years. Over that period of time, we managed to come up with over 600 media spots. FAB began to be perceived as a brand with not just a rich history, but also a brand offering modern smart solutions and security technologies for households and large industrial and commercial buildings alike. The media promotion also helped increase the website traffic, which affected the number of e-shop orders, as well as B2B orders from locksmiths.

About the project:

  • Client:FAB
  • Implementation:2014–2017
  • Services:media promotion, social media, copywriting, launch campaign, B2B
  • Field:security systems