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Olympics for Children and Youth 2019


We all know names such as Ester Ledecká or Markéta Davidová. However, not everyone knows that participation in the Olympics for Children and Youth (OCY) was one of the launch pads for their careers. For this year’s Olympics in Liberec, the Czech Olympic Committee has entrusted us with the operation, along with the Liberec region. What was our goal and how did we manage it? Read more.



Over 4000 young sportsmen and sportswomen fought for Olympic medals in Liberec.


We were called to action at the end of April, with a mere two months remaining till the beginning of the event. Very few people knew about it at that stage, which was something we had to change immediately. We started making press releases, but more importantly tailored materials. After all, what better way to bring sporting youth to the spotlight than stories?


We wrote about specific children who would compete for the Liberec region, about their past achievements and experience, as well as future ambitions. We also prepared interviews with now-famous past competitors, such as Jan Kudlička or Markéta Davidová. We introduced the caster who made all 1,163 medals to be awarded over the course of the games. Moreover, we wrote about the students who had  designed the trophies and the ODM 2019 special mobile app. This way, the youth games quickly took over both press and online media, as well as radios all over the region. The closer we were getting to the beginning of the event, the more intense the media promotion got. The graph says it all:





Facebook and web with record-setting traffic

Our work also involved communication via social media – primarily Facebook in this case. We took over the management of the Czech Olympic Committee website and continued creating posts, communicating with fans and announcing contests. The most important period was of course right before and during the games. We were also paying attention to the www.odm.olympic.cz web portal, for which we created content closely related to Facebook. In collaboration with the COC, we achieved a large boost in post reach and website traffic. Just short of three weeks into the collaboration, the COC communications manager Daniela Marková compared our results with last year’s results.

„According to the Google Analytics stats, we managed to reach out to more people than 2 years ago in the South Moravian region. Below are some interesting numbers:


  • 33% more people clicked through from social media to the website compared to 2017.
  • The public has been searching for the event more, amounting to as much as 72% more than 2017.
  • The overall traffic is 17% higher compared to the same date of 2017.

This is proof that we managed to jump-start the communications together. Now we ‘just’ need to continue what we started at the beginning of the month.”

Daniela Marková, the Communications Manager of the Czech Olympics Committee


Engulfed in Emotions

We didn’t get complacent and made the communication even more intense over the course of the games. Live radio spots directly from the sports areas, interviews with winners, stories of joy and disappointment. Anyone who would perhaps consider youth sports not very interesting surely changed their mind. There was no shortage of heart-wrenching finishes, surprising last-moment twists, tears of joy and sadness. To make a long story short, the Youth Olympics were more than a match for the grown-up Olympics this time around.





Fixed Reputation

The media promotion was not only important for the Olympics itself, it was also important for Liberec, whose reputation as a major event host is not very good. Liberec is still struggling with the negative perception of the 2009 Traditional Skiing World Championship. Thanks to the smooth operation and the targeted composition of the media image, the ODM project definitely contributed to regaining the host’s reputation.


About the project:

  • Client:Czech Olympic Committee and the Region of Liberec
  • Implementation:April–June 2019
  • Services:public relations, media lobbing, media promotion, social media, copywriting
  • Field:sports