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Public Relations for the Liberec Gallery

We have been collaborating with the Liberec Gallery since 2011, during which time we implemented a comprehensive PR campaign aiming to put it back among the five most popular tourist destinations in Liberec. At this point, we are focusing on the communication of key characters. The numbers speak clearly. While 10,937 people visited the gallery in 2012, it was 44,212 in 2018!

Back to the Top 5 of Liberec

In 2011, the director of the Liberec Gallery Jan Randáček contacted us with the following task specification: “The Liberec Gallery is off the list of main tourist destinations. When hearing ‘Liberec’, most people only picture Ještěd, the Zoo, Babylon and the Naive Theatre.” The gallery was looking to open itself to the wider public, attract new visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad alike (especially Germany and Poland) as well as change the public perception of “quiet places” in general. At the same time, there was the somewhat controversial moving to a newly rebuilt spa building.

Down-to-Earth about Art

Institutions such as galleries are ideal candidates for utilization of PR with all of its tools. Most of all, they are a challenge for copywriters. To make a long story short, enough of boring art history and explanations about what the artist intended to say and how to perceive it. We figured that if we want to draw people’s attention, we must mainly change the way the gallery “speaks”. And also that sometimes less is more. We streamlined the texts, highlighting the most important and always finding something that had a potential to “speak” and draw attention. To put it bluntly, a bit of a “tabloid” approach was exactly what the doctor ordered in this case.

We began to communicate with journalists on a regular basis, both regional and nationwide. We extended the spectrum of target media and tailored the form and language to them. We hold regular press conferences. And the result? The gallery is talked and written about everywhere. Not just in specialized artistic media read by specific groups for people, but also on pages of news magazines and servers, lifestyle magazines such as Elle or Marianne, social magazines such as Reflex, travelling and tourist servers and many others. There are also frequent spots on radio and TV.

Gallery on Facebook

In 2011, we created a Facebook page for the gallery and helped start it up. The page accrued a high number of fans over several months. Once again, it turned out that people actually are interested art and enjoy it, as long as it’s talked about in a normal fashion. Letting people take a peek behind the scenes of the ostentatious gallery building also helps. The gallery changed its language, made use of new communication tools and has over 7,000 followers on FB. Following recommended.


Jan Randáček, director of the Liberec Regional Gallery
“We’ve worked with Parliamo repeatedly on the promotion of our exhibitions. They always achieve great results, not just within the region, but especially in nationwide media. Thanks to that, our exhibitions in Liberec get attendance from Prague and other Czech regions. Through the lifestyle titles, the gallery in Liberec has become known to the wider public – families with children, students etc.”


  • Client:Liberec Gallery
  • Implementation:since 2011
  • Services:copywriting, public relations, press conferences, social networks
  • Field:culture